Ginger water for weight Loss. Lemon ginger water recipe. 7-day diet (2024)

L​ooking for a perfect source for health care? There are lots of useful low-calorie drink recipes containing ginger. The most popular is ginger water.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Fighting with overweight is a difficult task for many people. Everybodywants to lose weight fast and not making special efforts.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

It is ginger – a very useful product not only for losing extra kilos but also for health improving. As Melinda Ratini reports on, it will help regulate the sugar level and speed up the digestion process.

Recipe: ginger water with lemon

  • 1. Light variant

If at the beginning the taste seems sharp for you, you can put some additions to your drink.

For example: a spoonful of honey, a slice of lemon or orange, a piece of apple, a sprig of mint or melissa, a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla, crushed grains of cardamom or black pepper, etc.

All components except honey can also be put for steaming, along with the crushed root.


Ginger Water for weight loss

It is necessary to consume it daily in the morning on an empty stomach. But it is possible at another time of the day. It will not lose his properties. Then the results may be noticeable already in the medium term. Do not despair and do not throw everything “halfway” if you do not see instant results.


  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 5 tablespoons of grated ginger
  • Juice of 2 lemons


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  • 2. Cold ginger infusion

Among the hundreds of recipes, a cold brew is unique.

However, it is prepared even easier.

Everything you want to get good and tasty beverage is placed in a jug and filled with cool meltwater. It can be mineral or filtered water. Then left on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Sunayana Ponnappa reports on

With this approach, all the useful components (ginger, peppermint, lemon and orange, crushed apple or strawberry) go into the water as completely as possible. You can drink ginger water for weight loss without any diet. Besides, at any time and in any quantity.

Proportions are selected individually. But do not exceed 1-2 tbsp. on 1 l of water.

  • 3. Coffee-ginger fantasy

If you can not imagine your life without caffeine, take a spoonful of ground coffee. Add the rest of the components, grated on a grater, and cook on a low fire. The taste is unusual but interesting.

  • 4. Salty ginger water

It is for those who don’t like to regularly drink sweet drinks.

You can make a salty ginger drink by adding a pinch of sea salt, freshly ground colored pepper, garlic and other ingredients to the mix.

What’s more:

You can even prepare such a salty-sharp concentrate and pour the whole mixture with kefir. After 10 minutes, this nourishing and healthy drink can even be used for snacks between main meal.

Kefir diet 7 day kefir diet for weight loss

7-day ginger water diet

Need a clear meal plan for every day?

Try the ginger water diet for weight loss. Actually, there are no strong restrictions on products choice. But it is necessary to control daily caloric intake. So that it does not exceed 1600-1800 calories.

Want a faster and more visible weight loss?

You can lower it for some time. But not lessthan to 1200 energy units. Otherwise, the metabolism process can slow down. An alternative variant can be Gigi Hadid weight loss diet.

Here is the daily meal plan:

In order to the diet was effective, Noor Ullah on recommends to use 1.5-2 liters of ginger water for weight loss. In addition to it, drink enough clean water. The use of various teas is also recommended. It is best to drink green one. Besides, try fruits and vegetable juices.


  • Breakfast: oatmeal cooked in water, with a handful of favorite berries and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Snack: small apple and biscuits (or a small piece of another favorite sufficiently high-calorie product).
  • Lunch: a portion of pea soup; boiled beef with a vegetable salad, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner: about 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of kefir or homemade yogurt.
  • Supper: boiled or baked fish and stewed zucchini.


  • Breakfast: omelet of two eggs with greens; fresh cucumber; cereal loaf.
  • Snack: banana.
  • Lunch: fish soup; a slice of rye bread; grilled beef and cucumber-tomato salad.
  • Dinner: a glass of kefir.
  • Supper: low-fat cottage cheese with a handful of fresh strawberries.


  • Breakfast: cooked on the water buckwheat porridge; a slice of hard cheese; a few cookies.
  • Snack: apple and orange salad, seasoned with natural yogurt.
  • Lunch: stewed with onions and carrots chicken breast; a cup of chicken broth; boiled rice and broccoli, baked with a little sour cream.
  • Snack: a few tablespoons of cornflakes, filled with milk or low-fat kefir.
  • Dinner: white cabbage stewed with potatoes and mushrooms; for dessert – an orange.


  • Breakfast: corn porridge cooked in skim milk or poured over it; carrot-apple salad, which can be filled with homemade yogurt or a small amount of sour cream with minimal fat content.
  • Snack: a glass of homemade fruit jelly and a baked apple.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup without frying; a piece of bran bread; boiled or baked fish; the stew of mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini, onions.
  • Tea time: a glass of kefir and a handful of fresh raspberries.
  • Dinner: hard pasta with a small amount of cheese; the tomato salad, cucumbers, and various greens.


  • Breakfast: muesli with the addition of nuts and dried fruits, seasoned with low-fat milk or fermented milk products; the slice of baked pumpkin with sour cream.
  • Snack: a couple of peaches.
  • Lunch: beetroot soup; the slice of rye bread; boiled buckwheat with baked lean beef fillet; eggplants stewed with tomatoes and peppers.
  • Tea time: a glass of homemade yogurt.
  • Dinner: baked with pear nonfat cottage cheese; fruit and berry jelly.


  • Breakfast: rice porridge with skimmed milk and a handful of raisins or other dried fruits; an Apple.
  • Snack: a few pieces of melon; bar of muesli or lean cookies.
  • Lunch: vegetarian pickle; the slice of whole-grain bread; red beans and a slice of baked turkey stewed with mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Dinner: a glass of yogurt and kiwi.
  • Supper: hard pasta with seafood, stewed in a vegetable low-fat sauce; sauerkraut.


  • Breakfast: granular cottage cheese mixed with greens and bell pepper; pancake with your favorite berries, dressed in low-fat sour cream.
  • Snack: a glass of low-fat yogurt and a couple of plums.
  • Lunch: vegetarian borscht; a slice of rye bread; low-fat beef stew cutlet; boiled rice;
  • Tea time: half a cup of nonfat homemade yogurt and 2 tangerines.
  • Dinner: squids stewed in the company of carrots, celery stalks, and onions; the portion of vinaigrette.

Like any other product for curing, ginger consuming is not allowed to everybody. There are categories of people to whom it is contradicted. Especially in bigger doses than a couple of spoons per day.

Or it can be used after the consulting physician approval. Natalie Olsen reports on a totally healthy person with excessive intake of ginger can get heartburn and nausea, gag reflex.

6 contradictions proved by science

  • Pregnant women. Their body does not need any extra goals. They do not need weight loss and the removal of excess fat from the body. As work is going on for two organisms at once.
  • Lactating. Milk production requires huge amounts of nutrients from the mother’s body. And ginger burns excess fat.
  • Those who have ulcers in any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients with colitis. Taking ginger medication enhances the work of the gastrointestinal tract. That is why the inflamed organs can hurt even more. And a large number of essential oils and other components irritate the inflamed area.
  • Those who have allergies and individual intolerance to any of the ginger components. To avoid trouble you need to start with small doses and constantly monitor the feelings.
  • People with kidney diseases or stones in the gall or kidneys. Due to the urinary and choleretic effect, ginger tea can cause increasing the symptoms.
  • For any type of bleeding. It is forbidden to take such a strong activator of processes in the body, like ginger.

How to drink ginger detox water?

  • It is necessary to drink ginger water for weight loss 10-30 minutes before any meal. It reduces hunger decreasing taste buds. Activating the work of the stomach, ginger makes food more useful. It is due to releasing more energy out of it and reducing the fat absorption.
  • Per day take up to 2 liters of this mixture. You will normalize the water balance in the body. Besides, you can solve many problems with skin and well-being. In addition to it, you can still drink a small number of other drinks. Such as compotes, juices, teas, some coffee.
  • Do not consume the ginger more that you need. Do not force yourself and use the concentrate. Everything is good in balance. If you drink a couple of spoons per 2 liters, then stick to it. Besides, the body does not need excessive loads.
  • Do not drink ginger water before bedtime. Otherwise, there may be problems with falling asleep. This drink refreshes and fills with energy. Therefore it is better to drink a glass of warm milk or peppermint gulls.
  • Use only fresh ingredients. Such as fresh root. Peel and rub before use. Make a habit to prepare fresh ginger water every day.
  • Put honey in a warm or cold drink. So as not to turn its benefit to harm.

Infused ginger water for weight loss

Actually, ginger is widely used in dietetics for weight loss.What is the power of living water with a special root?

You will be surprised with these 3 ginger powers

  • First of all, it is the rich composition of the plant.
  • Then – the optimal ratio of biological substances for the human organism.
  • Besides, the presence of aromatic oils and several unique components in one plant.

If you like such combinations, see how to make kombucha drinksrich in probiotics. Here are the main benefits ofInfused ginger water for weight loss.

  • Regulate blood sugar

Ginger helps to reduce blood sugar level. Water with ginger roottakes part in metabolism. It can have an effect on blood clotting and blood flow improvement. Moreover, improve fat and cholesterolmetabolism in the body. Consuming the drink, you will prevent diabetes or help to relieve it.

  • Improve digestion

The root’s nutritional composition contributes to the gastric acids secretion.

Natalie Butler discloses on that these substances facilitate food breakdown. Besides, it contributes to useful nutrients digestion and harmful substances elimination. Ginger contains dietary fiber in large quantities. It also helps the digestive system.

  • Increases body temperature

Everyone knows that body temperature must be maintained at a certain level. It is believed that ginger is able to raise the body’s temperature. Heat retains fluid as it causes internal perspiration. It is better to use this effect at night. Then everything will be as natural as possible.

However, remember one thing:

Since ginger is able to increase body temperature, it is contraindicated to some people. Mainly, there are people having diseasesaccompanied by its rise. Finally, ginger is able to have an effect on serotonin levels. It helps to improve overall well-being.

  • A source of useful elements

This plant contains vitamins C, A, B, PP. Besides, it is rich in minerals ranging from calcium, zinc and ending with phosphorus, iron. And amino acids – valine, oleic acid, tryptophan, etc.

It also contains a number of other important elements for humans. The gingerol makes it an essential spice for cooking poultry meat. Besides, a thin lemon flavor makes fish and vegetables taste better.

  • Has an activating effect

It normalizes the digestion processes and speeds up metabolism. Besides, regulates cholesterol and fat metabolism. In such a way reducing bad cholesterol or low-density lipoproteins.

  • Improves the health and well-being in general

Develops the working of the gastrointestinal tract. It eliminates flatulence. Besides, prevents food from spoiling. Transforms cholesterol into bile acids, etc.

  • Refreshing without increasing anxiety

It differs from drinks containing caffeine. Actually, this drink allows you to increase your working capacity. But not disturbing and not loading the CAS.

Let’s sum up:

All this in a complex leads to the wonderful property of ginger water. It guaranteed burns fat in a human’s body, as well as apple lean cider vinegar diet. Ginger water for weight loss works even if you do not keep to any diet. Just drink this water as an alternative to other beverages. And your weight will be lowering in any case!

Moreover, follow some simple rules and at least slightly reduce portions. Remove some of the harmful products. And you will see that the weight loss can reach up to 8 kg per month!

Ginger water for weight Loss. Lemon ginger water recipe. 7-day diet (2024)
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